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Drawing upon resources you never knew you had can be in focus and rewarding. Indeed, your natural enthusiasm is probably enough to sell a good idea or plan. You find it easier than usual to make quick decisions and to take positive action on matters. This can be a powerful time for bonding with family, dear Virgo, and enthusiasm stirred up now can take you far. You may be seeking to feel more vital, alive, and vibrant through other people or relationships. Others can inspire you to act with confidence or to get moving on a matter.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday February 27th 2019 - True Sidereal Astrology

Steady energy helps you get things done now. Willingness to stray a little from the usual routine can be key to improving a relationship, or to a bonding moment. It seems that pairing up gets the job done best at the moment! There can be a solid sense that life is getting better.

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You may very well solve a mystery that has baffled you for some time. A Sun-Mars connection stimulates daring and spontaneous energy, dear Scorpio, and it looks good on you! You are enthusiastic and ready to make changes, particularly on creative levels and regarding your relationships. There can be nice developments in the areas of creativity, romance, or hobbies.

You might make connections that advance your personal interests, and especially the more heartfelt pursuits. Fortunately, your instincts seem to be quite good. You might decide to rearrange your living setup or reorganize your work or work environment. You are inclined to strike out on your own, and it can feel good to do so, even if you are generally keeping a low profile at this time. Working from or on the home can be especially fruitful. Even little changes can satisfy you now. Pleasing energy connects communications and learning with creativity in your life today, dear Capricorn, and the urge to get something done is with you.

The Sun is transiting your communications sector, and today forms a happy connection with action-oriented, confident Mars in your creative sector, pointing to a creative and dynamic time.

Decan 1 Leo Horoscope November 12222

You might receive news that opens up doors for you, enjoy some affectionate communications or an innovative learning experience, or you could make some exciting new contacts. You are enthusiastic and somewhat competitive in a healthy way now with the Sun and Mars in harmony, dear Aquarius. This aspect boosts your confidence about going after what you want. Home life can be pleasingly animated. There can be a strong urge to handle problem areas in and around the home or with family, and the chances of making some super improvements are high.

The Sun is in your sign, after all, and Mars is boosting your courage. Conversations are a little more significant and meaningful for you right now. Focusing and pursuing a venture with confidence seems just the right approach right now. Above are astrological event highlights for the day. Full Horoscopes are at Cafe Astrology. The purple marker above shows where we are in the current moon phase cycle. This is a time for expanding our mind and experience, exploring new pathways, aiming high, and broadening our horizons.

There can be restlessness, courage, and spontaneity now. We want to do good and to honor our inner code. We are generous with our energy, time, and money. Our feelings expand or are magnified, for better or for worse. We may go over the top.

Noah Emmerich: Astrological Article and Chart

There may be the need to pause to adjust things before moving plans forward. We could feel at odds with others on an emotional level. Public relations are not as favorable now. We may not be communicating with sensitivity.

What we communicate could misrepresent what we truly feel. There could be troubles with mechanics, computers, transportation, and miscommunications. We may not be understanding one another. We can be a little fickle and not especially objective. Think before you speak. Otherwise, misunderstandings are likely to occur. We can be furthering our goals and desires without apology.

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March Monthly Horoscope - This Month's Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs

A time for getting ahead, taking action, and solving problems, and some healthy self-centeredness. Taking the lead. Inspiring, broad vision, enthusiastic, goal seeking, truthful, adventurous. Can be reckless, unrestrained, tactless. Disciplined, responsible, reliable, industrious, conscientious, practical, achieving. Can be pessimistic, overly conventional, rigid, materialistic, callous.

Zodiac Signs: Know All About Your Sun Signs

Compassionate, sensitive, self-sacrificing, gentle, intuitive. Can be escapist, impractical, hyper- sensitive, gullible. We may have a difficult time being objective or detached. We may not be especially communicative. We are flexible, adaptable, willing, open to change, and possibly flighty or nervous. We have strong beliefs and are likely to put them into action. We have the wisdom to know when to act, but sometimes can be inflexible.

Note that the Moon moves at a rate of approximately one degree every 2 hours so that if an aspect involving the Moon is applying and has an orb of 5 degrees, the aspect will perfect be exact in about 10 hours. If the Moon is separating from an aspect with an orb of 2 degrees, it has already formed said aspect approximately 4 hours ago since the following are positions at noon today, then it would have occurred at about 8 AM today.

The energy of the aspect builds as it gets closer to exact. Separating aspects are good to know for context, but in terms of energy that is with us today, applying aspects are most important. This is the case for daily astrology influences involving inner planets, which pass quickly, and not natal astrology aspects, which are with us for a lifetime.

Judgment may be skewed by emotions or personal bias. We want to honor our inner code. We may go over the top, however. We are open to new ideas, ways of expressing ourselves and our feelings. A break in the routine is pleasing now. We could be experimenting with new ideas or feelings. There can be chance meetings, events that occur that open our hearts or our emotional awareness. You are an imaginative and serene individual. You need to express your fantasies and imagination, and may be a dreamer or be ungrounded. Fantasy plays a strong part in your life, either as a creative channel or as an escape.

You may be unclear of your own identity.

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  • Try to use your creativity rather than escaping through addictive behaviour. You are highly intuitive with a good imagination. You may have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy. You may experience periods where you seem to disappear into a dream world before being jolted back to reality.

    We are sociable, making connections, dipllomatic, and ready to negotiate. Expressions of affection or clarifications of feelings.