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This week, though, try giving your instincts some more credit. Try trusting what your body already knows. You already know how to build and how to learn, but real change can feel scarier than that. Sometimes it looks, at first, like a step backward.

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Sometimes, the pain of leaving an older self behind makes it seem preferable not to grow at all. Most of the time you know, with a solid quiet clarity, who you are. Sometimes, though, you look around and see all the other ways a human life can be, all the other worlds that exist alongside your own, and you start wishing for something else. Sometimes the world just feels like too much — too much chaos, too much cruelty. Sometimes it feels like everyone is just so intent on misunderstanding you, on blocking whatever sunlight and sweetness is still available.

Your mind is powerful and bright, and it can do more than produce value for other people. It can shine a light. It can make this world livable.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 11 - 17 November, 12222

Feeling lonely for any length of time can make you start to feel like maybe loneliness is your natural condition. This week, remind yourself that even if no connection is perfect, no isolation can last forever either. This week, take whatever sweetness the world offers you. The world you live in is changing in more ways than you can fully keep track of — new colors, new sounds, new seasons. Every day, some impossible vision becomes suddenly, beautifully possible. Love can just be so messy in all its different forms.

Even love for yourself can be a strange and bendy thing. This week, your tenderness might make you want to retreat, to close up, to deny the world any space in your heart. All you have to do is practice moving through the fear.

Continue to vibrate at the frequency of unconditional love, Gemini. Best way to handle this situation: practice active listening. Hold space for them to unload the burdens of their heart.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope from 11th February - 18th February

This will not only bring you closer, but also lead to immense healing. Statutory warning: life could challenge you in more ways than one.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 November, 12222

When in doubt, turn to the reservoir of inner strength. You already have the tools you need to navigate this roadblock. Continue to believe in what you are manifesting, despite the delays. Spoiler alert: victory will ultimately be yours. Words can both heal and hurt depending on how you use them.

Be mindful of the choices you make today. If and when you feel triggered, respond rather than react. Taking some time off from the person or situation will give you the perspective you need to handle things smoothly. Love yourself enough to walk away from the people and situations that are causing your heart to break.

Self-preservation mode on. The Universe is helping you create space for the things that will nurture you and help you blossom. Or shall we say divinely connected? So open that third eye and let the downloads come through—in whatever format they choose to. Raising the collective consciousness is a part of your sacred purpose. What if we said you can have anything you want? Yes, anything! Get ready to see the results of what you have been manifesting—especially on the work front. For some, it could be something tangible like a new job offer, a raise or a promotion.

For others, it may be the sense that they finally have a roadmap and are heading in the right direction. Make the most of this energy.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope and Tarot – Astrology King

You are as abundant as you want to be, Sagittarius. The Universe is supporting you in your mission to create a life that looks fulfilling both on the outside and the inside. What you need to do: continue to live in alignment with your higher purpose, and do the work you were sent here to do. Everything else will be taken care of on its own.


Look around you, Capricorn! You are surrounded by your best people. People who water you and love watching you grow. Things are especially blessed on the family front. Such a wonderful feeling to come back home to people who love you this much! For some, this may also be a time of extending your hospitality towards loved ones and sharing the joy with others.

Your body is your sacred vessel on the earthly realm. Have you been giving her the love and care she deserves?

Your health is a priority, Aquarius. Consider this as your cue to make lifestyle changes that support your growth. Do you have a nagging feeling about a certain part of your body?